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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Your ticket is your Cruise contract. You may view a copy of the terms and conditions through the link in this paragraph or you may request a copy from the company. Carefully read the Cruise Ticket Contract as it as important information and regulations that govern your cruise. All guests must sign this contract at the time of check-in.


Passenger check-in begins at 10:30am. and boarding begins around 12:30. Please do not arrive at the terminal prior to the specified times as the ship will not be ready to board guests.


The Grand Celebration is scheduled to leave at 6:00 pm out of the Port of Palm Beach. Guests are required to be onboard the ship at least 90 minutes (by 4:30 pm) prior to departure.

Effective for all sailings departing from the Port of Palm Beach, the Palm Beach Port Authority has enacted a $1 per passenger Cruise Terminal Infrastructure Fee. This fee will be charged on your on board folio and paid to the Port of Palm Beach.


When the ship returns to the Port of Palm Beach, please allow 1-2 hours for disembarkation as you must be cleared by customs and Immigration. For passengers departing from local airports, we recommend scheduling flights after 12:00 noon to allow sufficient time to clear customs.

Cancellations & Refunds

All cancellations and/or request for refunds must be submitted in writing. Please see the chart below to determine cancellation charges that apply.

Days to Departure

  • 60+
  • 31-59
  • 7-30
  • 6 or less

Charges Per Person

  • $25
  • 25% of total price
  • 50% of total price
  • 100% of total price

Special or reduced rate reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-CHANGEABLE once confirmed. Note: No refunds will be made if you do not show up for your cruise.

Cancellations That Have a Paid Deposits

If passengers cancel and the final payment is already due, the deposit is 100% non-refundable. 2-Night cruises final payments are due 30 days prior to sailing, Cruise & Stay package final payments are due 45 days prior to sailing.

Days to Departure

  • 60+
  • 31-59
  • 7-30

Charges Per Person

  • $25
  • 25% of total price
  • 100% of total price

Changes & Revisions

Any changes will be charged a $25 fee once the reservation has been confirmed, plus any applicable penalties.

Payment Information

All cabins are subject to full payment within 45 days of sailing. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. Payments made by agency check, cashier’s check or travelers check can be mailed to:
Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line
2419 E Commercial Blvd.
Suite 302
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Passenger Protection

You may purchase our Passenger Cancellation Protection Plan at a cost of $15 pp for one-way cruises, $20 pp for two-night cruises and $49 pp for cruise & stay packages. All persons on the reservation must select the same option. The Passengers Cancellation Protection Plan will provide the purchaser with a future credit for the amount you are penalized (less the cost of the Protection Plan. In the event that your traveling companion still sails in the cabin then the single supplement will also be deducted from the benefit). The Plan allows you to cancel for any reason as long as we are notified immediately upon the knowledge of the cancellation and prior to the scheduled departure date.  The credit will be valid up to one year from the date of your scheduled cruise.


Cruise Operator Inc. disclaims any responsibility for personal injury or property damage arising from the acts or negligence of any air carrier, hotel or any other person rendering any of the services offered in addition to the actual ship’s cruise. The cruise line shall not be responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by late air, hotel overbooking and car or motor coach arrivals nor for the damage to baggage, automobiles or other property of the guest occurring off the vessel. Safe deposit boxes are available at the Purser’s Desk for your convenience, at no charge.


Each guest is permitted to bring two (2) pieces of complimentary luggage, not to exceed 50 pounds per piece. For excess and overweight luggage a $25 fee per bag will be automatically charged to your onboard account. All luggage must be stored in the passenger’s stateroom. Please keep your receipt to collect excess baggage in Freeport. Alcoholic beverages, pets, dangerous or illegal items such as weapons, explosives, combustible substances or non-prescription controlled substances may not be brought onboard the ship. Any such items shall be surrendered to security at embarkation and may be disposed of at the sole discretion of the cruise line. All luggage hand carried or checked is subject to search. Liability for luggage is limited to the amount of $300 per ticket. The liability can be increased if, upon embarkation, the guest declares the true value of the property in writing and pays 5% of the true value declared in excess of $300 to Cruise Operator, Inc., in which case the cruise line’s liability will be limited to the value declared not to exceed $5,000.


In order to board the Grand Celebration guests under the age of 18 must have an adult who is 18 or older in the same cabin. A minor consent form must be signed and kept on file prior to sailing.

Health Conditions

If you have a medical condition which requires you to take prescription medication or to receive medical attention during the course of your cruise, please consult with your physician prior to traveling. Passengers with special needs such as requiring oxygen for medical conditions, seeing eye dogs, or hearing impaired must make this request known at the time of booking. A physician and nurse are on call 24-hours a day on every cruise to perform basic medical procedures. The physician and nurse are not employees of the cruise line and will charge their prevailing fees for services provided at your request. Cruise Operator, Inc. is not liable for any death, personal injury, illness or personal distress caused by reason of any medical treatment, diagnosis, advice, examination, prescription or any other service received from the physician and nurse. Please call us with any questions or concerns at 800.374.4363.

Right to Change Itinerary/Detention

In the event of strikes, lockouts, stoppage of labor, riots, weather conditions or any other reason whatsoever, we have the right to cancel, advance, postpone or substitute any scheduled sailing or itinerary without prior notice. The cruise line may, but is not obliged to, substitute another vessel for any sailing and cannot be liable for any loss to the passenger by reason such as cancellation, advancement, postponement or substitution.

Refusal of Passage

The Cruise Line may refuse to transport or may disembark at any port any passenger who may be suffering from contagious, infectious disease or ill health. Any person whose presence may be detrimental to the comfort or safety of other passengers or ship’s crew, or who has been verbally abusive to office staff or ship’s crew, may be refused passage for future cruises. If on the ship, the passenger may be excluded from landing at a destination by immigration or other Governmental Authorities. Carrier reserves the right to refuse passage to women entering their 24th week of pregnancy. For infants, 6 months of age is the minimum age for sailing in light of the capacity of our onboard medical facilities to handle neo-natal/pediatric medical issues. Any person without proper documentation will not be allowed to board the ship. In all cases, the individual shall not be entitled to any refund of fare or compensation.

Fuel Surcharge

Cruise Operator Inc. reserves the right to charge an additional fuel supplement of up to $12 per person per day on all passengers, to be collected at time of embarkation without prior notice, in the event that the price of light sweet Brent crude oil according to the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange Index) is greater than $40.00 per barrel of oil.

Ship’s Registry


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